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Cuban Tumbaos Vol 1 (DVD/Book) - Dany Noel

Cuban Tumbaos Vol 1 (DVD/Book) - Dany Noel
Brand: XDN
Reference: DVDTUMBAOS1/DVD-Tumbaos 1
26,00 €28,77 $ 28,77 $3.062,54 ¥ 3.062,54 ¥23,52 £ 23,52 £
Cuban Tumbaos - Vol. 1
Dany Noel
Spanish, English
The largest collection of Bass Cuban Tumbaos, by Dany Noel.

2 Books/DVDs showing more than 100 Tumbaos and ways of performing the Cuban music and Latin Jazz in different beats and accentuations.

For a better study and understanding, all scores are included and also a theme example of each style. In addition, there are several audio options, that will allow practicing the bass and all accompaniment instrument as well.

Volume 1
Iimprovisation theme (BASSLATIN)

The DVD has many possibilities as you can listen to the bass separately, or all instruments together combining the different instruments.

Some examples..............

 Danzón theme example
Tumbao example (bass sound)
Tumbao example (mix sound)
Tumbao example (percussion sound)
Score example
BASSLATIN improvisation 1
BASSLATIN improvisation 2
Electric Bass and Baby Bass: Dany Noel
Tres Cubano: Dany Noel
Piano, keyboards & percussions: Iván Bridon Nápoles
Flute: Samuel Pardo
Trombone: Pedro Acosta
Trumpet: Enrique Cordero
Sax: Agustín Izquierdo
Violin: Michel Aday
Choirs: Dany Noel, Iván Bridon Nápoles
Compositions & arrangements: Dany Noel

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