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"Mi Sonanta" (Score Book+CD), Carlos Piñana

"Mi Sonanta" (Score Book+CD), Carlos Piñana
Brand: XCN
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Mi Sonanta
Carlos Piñana
Five new songs by Carlos Piñana On the CD there are two audio versions (with and without guitar)

Guajirón (guajira)
Tarantilla (minera)
Cairo (bulería)
Naseer (zapateado)
Piñanera (taranta)

“Mi sonanta”,a new proposal in transcribing for the flamenco guitar

It's not often in flamenco guitar transcription that the guitarist has a title bestowed by a conservatory, and the transcriber Juan García Escudero, is principally a composer. Even more unusual is that they should work, shoulder to shoulder during several months in order to offer the most faithful transcription possible, of the interpreter, following the instructions of the guitarist-composer.

Many flamenco transcripts contained only sounds (notes), leave out musical aspects such as dynamics, timbre or expression, to name just a few elements, and just reflecting very little about music composition.

The results are a new dimension in transcriptions for the flamenco guitar, using contemporary musical notation techniques, the natural habitat of the composer-turned-transcriber.

"The idea that Carlos and I have maintained throughout the long process of transcription has been to bring the flamenco style to as many guitarist in the world. Outside flamencos or not! And we did creating scores as close to the guitar literature exists, only with the language of flamenco in its pages " Juan García Escudero




Guajirón (no guitarra)

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