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Incidents and Returns

Claim for damages

If the goods are damaged when the order is received, ideally, you should present your claim as soon as the shipment has arrived. If for any reason you cannot do it at that time, you will have to present the claim before 7 days after receiving the goods.

We need 3 photographs to prove it:

1. Photo of damaged goods in their entirety: the photo should show the entire damage and not just a part of it. If the damage is not noticeable in a general shot, you’ll need to add one more image of the item where the damage is shown. If more than one damaged item is found, take the photo by grouping all items into a single image.

2. Photo of the outer packaging including the transport company label: the photo must show that the shipment was made with the transport company and that the claim corresponds to the contracted shipment. We request that the photo be taken at a certain distance where the shipping label is visible.

3. Photo of the goods with internal packaging: the photo must show that the packaging used has protected the contents during transport. We ask for an image of the damaged goods placed inside the packaging in the same way it was received by the recipient.

Don’t throw the used packaging away: Keep the damaged goods as well as their packaging, the goods must not be handled until the assessment is made.

Incidents and returns

The legal time for returns is 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

f any of the products is incorrect, if it has been sent erroneously or there is another incident, it must be communicated by phone
or email to the customer's attention info@storemusic-live.com, indicating the type of incident. Following the goods return and their verification, the money shall be the return including travel expenses.


1.- storemusic-live.com will not refund to the client until checking the status of the products and accessories, that are the object of the return. The price to be returned is for products that originally appeared in the order, discounting the transport costs.

2.- If the order is returned to storemusic-live.com because the client is not responsible for its collection when the carrier makes the delivery, all the return costs will be bare by the client.

3.- Returns of CD's and DVD's will not be accepted if they are not sealed.

All returns must be sent to the following address unless otherwise indicated to the customer::

RGB Arte Visual S.L.
Antonio Salces, 1. Office 1
28002 Madrid

IMPORTANT: Remember to note the sender's name and order number on the outside of the package.

Customer Service:
Tel +34 915100356
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